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The Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship

The Henry Clay Memorial Foundation developed The Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship to create a globally-recognized center which promotes the principles and practices of statesmanship and embodies Henry Clay’s ideals of debate, diplomacy and beneficial compromise.

Located at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, The Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship is governed by a Board of Directors and a National Advisory Committee Co-Chaired by the Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor and the Honorable Nancy Kassebaum Baker.

Transylvania University is historically significant as Henry Clay was elected Professor of Law and Politics in 1805 and oversaw construction of the Old Morrison Building, one of the oldest buildings in Lexington.

To help educate a new generation in the skills and processes of statesmanship, The Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship hosts an annual undergraduate short course exposing rising high school senoirs from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and around the country to a curriculum in diplomacy, dialogue, listening skills, negotiation and mediation. The Student Congress is a resource for individuals looking to hone their skills in leadership and statesmanship.